Deepwater Horizon with Score by Steve Jablonsky
  • A disciplined mature score outing from Steve Jablonsky comprised of intense soundscapes.
3.6Overall Score

I just got back from watching the True Story oil rig disaster movie with Mark Wahlberg titled “Deepwater Horizon” by Peter Berg who previously worked with Wahlberg on Lone Survivor.

Going in, I was not aware who had created the score. I was pleased to enjoy a subtle score where cues increased slowly in intensity, without distracting from the film. For the most part I did not notice the music, a sign of a good score which does not interrupt the suspension of disbelief. Because of it’s stealth crafting, I was able to enjoy the movie at a deeper level. A cue like “Roll Call” is a great example, where the Director cut out most of the sound of the movie, and let us be engulfed by the atmospheric soundscape that slowly had crept in and increased in intensity for over 7 minutes as we mull over the real life tragedy and results of the disaster.

In the cue “Mud”, again the cue starts from seemingly nowhere, and for 5 minutes continues to increase in intensity, pounding, ferociously.

On “Cut The Pipe”, the Composer uses a sonar like pulse to start off the cue, which kicks off a hard hitting percussive motif that morphs into a metallic granular synthesis pulsation that echoes well the metal pipe and structure of the oil rig itself.

After the credits rolled, I was surprised to see the score was composed by none other than Steve Jablonsky. It certainly was nothing like the overstated overscored Transformers at all. It was controlled and disciplined, dare I say it was mature. If anything it was more like the score to Sicario which consisted of long pulsating soundscapes that acted more as tense atmospheres than as narrative. And the same goes here with Deepwater Horizon. I found it to be a nice refrain from the typical Jablonsky, and I hope to hear more from him like it. I give props where props are due, and this score was on target. I have now added a Steve Jablonsky score to my iTunes library.

  • Dallas Crane

    Great review!