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Evan Evans has penned an Award Winning score (2013 LA Cinema Fest "Best Original Score") for the Suspense Thriller "GAME OF ASSASSINS" released by Lionsgate Films.

Watch the Official Trailer in HD, here:

Listen to "Night of the Templar"

Here's just a "sneak peek" listen, from one of the climactic scenes, of the gripping Original Score to the Medieval Horror/Thriller "Night of the Templar" starring Paul Sampson, Norman Reedus, Udo Kier, Billy Drago, and the late great David Carradine in his final appearance on the silver screen.

The Music was Composed and Produced by Evan Evans with his company of composers and musicians at his "The Composer Collective". The Composer Collective is a new concept (est. 2007) in scoring films whereby a team of talented composers follow a blueprint set forth by a musical "architect" and work together to construct the final score, each working on scenes that are suited to their fortes as individual composers.

A soundtrack release on E3 Records, is forthcoming.

Broxton Recommends Evans "The Poker Club"

Review by Jonathan Broxton
Full Review at MovieMusic UK (click here)

A suburban thriller directed by Tim McCann and starring Johnny Messner, Johnathon Schaech and Loren Dean, The Poker Club is the story of four regular guys who get together every week who get together to smoke cigars, drink beer and play cards. One night, however, their weekly get together is interrupted by a home invader, and things go from bad, to worse, to even worse, when they accidentally kill the burglar, and then realize he might not have been alone.

The score for The Poker Club is by young composer Evan Evans, who has actually been scoring low-budget and independent films since the late 1990s, but has never before had any of his music released on a commercial record label. Evans’ music consists mainly of sinister thriller music, with baleful string lines and tinkling, unnerving piano and harpsichord chords keeping the listener firmly on edge. For a great deal of its running time, the music barely rises above a whisper, content to keep its distance, creating an oppressive atmosphere or tension and dread, but never entering the realms of pure horror.

It’s the kind of music that someone like Howard Shore, or Christopher Young, would write for a film such as this, and that is most definitely intended to be a compliment. When the music does rise to take center stage it impresses: “The Warehouse” uses a pounding piano and chaotic percussion combo to deadly effect; “The Plan” has a darkly operatic sound that is both beautiful and fearsome; “Death and Remorse” has a thick, harsh atmosphere filled with dissonant chords. Later, cues such as “Hot Pursuit” explode into vivid orchestral action, while the conclusive “Bases Loaded” has a sense of impending doom through its staccato phrasing and low-register instrumental performances.

This is yet another impressive release from Mikael Carlsson’s MovieScore Media label, whose ability to identify and release music by talented young composers is second to none. Recommended.

Rating: ***½

#9 Best Film in Latin America "The Kid: Chamaco"

Hispanically Speaking News names "The Kid: Chamaco" as the number nine best film on their Top Ten Latin American Films of 2010 list.

"The Kid: Chamaco"
Original Music Score
Evan Evans

Top Ten Latin American Films of 2010

Evans inks "The Bay: The Series"

Evan Evans has been selected by Award Winning Director Gregori J. Martin, to helm the Original Music Score for the hit series "The Bay" starring a veritable who's who of soaps, including Mary Beth Evans("Days of Our Lives"), Matthew Ashford("Days of Our Lives"), Charles Shaugnessy("The Nanny";"Days of Our lives"), Tristan Rogers("General Hospital"), Martha Madison("Law & Order";"Days of Our Lives"), Gavin Houston("Guiding Light";"General Hospital"), Taylor Stanley("Another World";"Spin City"), Jed Allan("Santa Barbara"), and the list goes on.

Evans and Director Martin have worked together before on the crime thriller "Jack Rio" and the gritty cult classic "Skeletons in the Desert".

Evans signed to Spike Lee Film

Evan Evans is signed to score the upcoming Spike Lee film, Directed by Michael Pinckney, "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You".

The film is an action packed and gritty story of two New York City homicide detectives that are forced into the high-stakes world of the hip hop industry. A complex web of murder, sex, money and music unfolds as the homicide detectives track a serial killer with an appetite for some of hip hop's biggest stars.

Lee and Pinckney sought out Mr. Evans, looking for an edgy approach to a classic Hitchcock sound. This should turn out very interesting ... a highly anticipated sound combination, hip-hop roots fused with a Golden Age suspense score.

More Articles:
The Black Urban Times

"The Kid: Chamaco" Released in Theatres and Video

"The Kid: Chamaco" (starring Martin Sheen and Michael Madsen) has been released on it's US theatrical run, and continues on at Blockbuster and Netflix, and later this year in theatres in Mexico. The Original Score, helmed by Evan Evans with lyrical theme by composer Shaun Drew,

and in collaboration with The Composer Collective (a group of composers who work together on film scores), has been getting great reviews. Look for a forthcoming soundtrack release later this year.

In the tradition of Rocky and City of God, The Kid: Chamaco is a contemporary boxing tale of father and son overcoming vast differences to help train a young Mexican fighter plucked from the streets of Mexico City. The father (Martin Sheen), a U.S. doctor, and his son, a burned-out boxing pro, unite to shape the young Mexican teenager into his country’s new boxing idol. Along the way, all three men discover hidden strengths, and embrace unforeseen destinies.

Danny Trejo in "Machete" (star of "Eyeborgs")

Danny Trejo's film "Machete" is out, and it's looking to be a big hit. Danny Trejo stars in the recent sci-fi release "Eyeborgs", that I scored at The Composer Collective. Director and Theme Composer Richard Clabaugh wrote the score to "Eyeborgs" along with Guy-Roger Duvert and Mark Brisbane and many other members of The Composer Collective, under my executive creative direction. Let's keep our fingers crossed as the success of "Machete" continues and Danny Trejo is potentially skyrocketed to film icon.

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